Ballingarry AFC Club Honours

Junior Mens Team

Ballingarry A.F.C. has enjoyed its fair share of success in the Desmond League, both in its early years, and most recently since the turn of the millennium. The first silverware won was when the team swept to the Division 3 League title for season 1985/86, a tremendous achievement for a club so young. Another notable success was victory in the Munster Junior Area Cup in 1988/89. After a barren period in the 1990’s, during which relegation was experienced for the first time in 1992/93, Ballingarry A.F.C. again forced themselves into the winners enclosure with victory over Knockaderry in 2002 to win the Desmond Cup for the first time, and duly followed that up with promotion by winning the Division 1 championship the following season.

But without question the clubs finest hour was in May of 2004, when the dreams of those who founded the club 20 years previously were finally realised, and Ballingarry A.F.C. became Desmond League Champions. Denis Kelly is the name that will go down in local folklore as the player who scored the late winner against fierce local rivals Rathkeale A, in the title play-off decider in Clounreask, Askeaton. Niall Condron lifted the League trophy for the team on that famous night, as the foundations were put in place for Ballingarry to challenge for more league titles and become one of the heavyweights of Desmond League soccer.

The honours won by the club at junior level are as follows:


Ballingarry AFC Club Honours – Junior Teams

Premier Division Champions
2003/04 (Won play-off)

Desmond Cup Winners

2001/02, 2006/07

Division 1 Winners

2002/03, 2007/08 (Double), 2010/11 (Double)

Division 3 Winners

1985/86, 2008/09 (B–Team)

Division 1 League Cup Winners

2007/08 (Double), 2010/11 (Double)

Munster Junior Cup Desmond Area Winners



Junior Ladies Team

Since the Limerick Desmond Ladies League was formed in 2004 during a meeting at Rathkeale House Hotel Ballingarry AFC have been to the fore where trophies are concerned. They were the first winners of the Desmond Ladies Cup beating St. Itas on penalties in 2006. Since then they have won every domestic honour they have competed for including a magnificent “Treble” of Premier League, Premier Division League cup and Desmond cup in season 2013-14. They are the first team from Ballingarry AFC to do a clean sweep.

The honours won by Ballingarry AFC Ladies are as follows:


Ballingarry AFC Club Honours – Junior Ladies Teams

Premier Division Champions

2013/14 (Treble Winners); 2015/16 (Treble Winners); 2017/18; 2018/19 (Double Winners)

Limerick Desmond Ladies Cup Winners

2005/06; 2009/10; 2012/13; 2013/14 (Treble Winners); 2015/16 (Treble Winners); 2016/17; 2018/19 (Double Winners)

Division 1 League Winners (Now Premier Division)


Premier Division League Cup Winners

2012/13; 2013/14 (Treble Winners); 2014/15; 2015/16 (Treble Winners); 2016/17

League Cup Winners (Now Premier League Cup)

2008/09; 2010/11


Underage Teams

Ballingarry AFC began promoting underage football during the late 1980s when they entered a Youth (U18) team in competition in the Desmond District League, now the Limerick Desmond Football League. During the early 1990s they began to focus on schoolboy football enter teams in the Limerick County Schoolboys League before leaving that league in 1993 to join the Desmond District Schoolboys League, now the Limerick Desmond Schoolboy/Girls League.

They secured their first trophies in 1994-95 when they won both the U12 Division 2 and U14 Division 1 titles. Since then they have won trophies at almost every age group. When the LDSL/GL began to promote girls football at the start of season 2010-11 Ballingarry entered teams immediately where they have also won numerous trophies since.

From the start of season 2014/15 all football played from under 11 down, both boys and girls, was played on a non competitive basis. This directive was received from the Football Association of Ireland and applied to all underage leagues under their jurisdiction. 

In what was considered at the time as a major development in underage football, the season was mover to the calendar year form the start of 2019. Traditionally under age football ran into two calendar years starting in August / September and finishing in April / May. This new format would see the season starting in February / March and finishing in October / November.

To ease the transition a “short” season ran from September to December in 2018. Ballingarry enjoyed success during this “short” season with both the U12 girls and U14 boys winning titles. No cup competitions were ran. Normal competition resumed in 2019. This move only applied from U16 football, boys and girls, down.

The honours won by Ballingarry AFC at underage level are as follows:


Ballingarry AFC Club Honours – Underage Teams

Youth Football (U18)

Division 1 Winners

2010-11 (Double Winners)

Division 2 Winners
2001-02; 2017/18
Division 3 Winners


Desmond Youth Cup Winners

2001-02; 2010-11 (Double Winners)

Munster Youth Cup (Area Final) Winners


Under 17 Football

Under 17 Cup Winners

2007/08; 2008/09

Under 16 Football

Division 1 Winners


Under 16 Cup Winners


Under 16 Division 1 Shield Winners:


Under 14 Football

Division 1 Winners


Division 2 Winners

2013/14; 2019

Division 3 Winners


Under 14 Cup Winners

2011/12; 2016/17

Under 14 Division 2 Shield Winners


Under 13 Football

Under 13 Cup Winners

2005/06; 2010/11

Under 12 Football

Division 1 Winners

2009/10; 2010/11; 2014/15

Division 2 Winners

1994/95; 1999/00; 2015/16; 2016/17

Division 3 Winners


Under 11 Football

Under 11 Cup Winners

2004/05; 2013/14

Under 10 Football

Division 1 Winners

2003/04; 2012/13

Division 1 Shield Winners


Division 2 Shield Winners


Division 4 Winners

2006/07 (B team)

Under 10 Cup Winners


Under 8 Football

Division 1 Shield Winners

2006/07; 2011/12

Division 2 Shield Winners


Girls Football

Under 10 Division 1 Winners

2012/13; 2013/14

Under 10 Division 1 Shield Winners


Under 12 Division 1 Winners

2011/12; 2012/13; 2015/16; 2017/18; 2018; 2019 (Double)

Under 12 Cup Winners

2017/18 (Double); 2019 (Double)

Under 12 Division 1 Shield Winners


Under 14 Division 1 Winners

2017/18; 2019 (Double)

Under 14 Cup Winners

2019 (Double)

Under 16 Division 1 winners

2019 (Double)

Under 16 Cup winners

2019 (Double)

Under 16 Division 1 Shield Winners

2015/16; 2016/17


Republic of Ireland Representatives

Anthony Forde

Anthony Forde (U15, U16, U17, U19, U21)

Nathan Clancy

Nathan Clancy (U15 Hibernia Trophy Squad 2011)

Nicole McNamara (U15 Womens squad 2019)