Underage Cup Draws Made (14/12/07)

The draws for all the underage domestic cups were made on Monday last with the exception of the under 10 draw. This draw will be made when the league resumes in Feburary.
Under 11 Cup Round 1: Ballingarry v Athea United
Under 12 Cup Round 2: Foynes v Ballingarry
Under 13 Cup Round 1: Creeves Celtic v Ballingarry
Under 14 Cup Round 1: Ballingarry v Granagh United (Winners away to NCW Rvs in Round 2)
Under 15 Cup Round 1: Ballingarry v Glin Rovers
Under 16 Cup Round 2: Ballingarry v Bally Rovers

The draw that will create the greatest interest is the under 14 clash against neighbours Granagh United. All told the draws were relatively kind with all the teams avoiding the main contenders. However much is expected from the clubs under 15 and 16 sides and all eyes will be on the progress made by these two sides.