The most precious commodity in football is goals. Ballingarry AFC recognises the art that is goalscoring in their players and present players who score 50 competitive goals for the club with an award. Likewise when a player hits the “Ton”, the club also makes a presentation to commemorate the achievement.

Seven players have hit the 50 and the 100 goal milestones for Ballingarry AFC and only goals scored during competitive games are recorded:


   Player  Goals
 1  Denis Kelly  142
 2  Padraig Forde  127
 3  Shane Hartnett  114
 4  Francis Kiely  113
 5  Kevin Forde  63
 6  Eoin Kennedy  62
 7  Rory Alymer  60
 8  Darragh O’Grady  57
 9  David O’Hanlon  54
10  Kristian Doyle  50